Listening Over Telling

One of the most important skills for all of us is being a good listener. You can’t listen to someone and really understand them, while you are thinking about the next thing you want to say. If we don’t naturally connect with people this is most often the reason why.

By listening closely and seeking to understand someone, you are telling the person that they are important. You are telling them without words. People instinctively know when you are not listening. Books have been written entirely on this topic. Instead of writing a long post about the benefits of being a good listener, I invite you to take part in an experiment. Commit today to spend the next seven days deeply listening and trying to understand those people you come in contact with. This exercise is a game changer for many people. This is something that I naturally struggle with, and one of the greatest discoveries that came as a result of preparing to become a helping professional.

Please comment on this post to share your outcome. You can also leave me a personal note here.


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