Taking Responsibility, an Aha Moment

Good evening readers. I am sharing this quick post tonight because these moments can be rare. I seriously had one of those Aha moments tonight. I have been a advocate for taking personal responsibility for your own life for a long time. This is one of those moments where i realized I should say “I am learning” rather than “I have learned.” I say this, because sometimes you think you have learned something and then you discover you are still learning. Tonight I was testing out a journal exercise for a short course I am putting together, and I was thinking through personal responsibility as part of the exercise. All this time my mouth was saying “I take personal responsibility”, but I discovered there were still two situations in my life where I thought others might be to blame. It wasn’t that I was being a hypocrite on purpose, I just didn’t realize how unconscious we can be. This exercise was asking the student to take an honest look at the areas in their life where they do take personal responsibility, and areas where they don’t. When I started writing my brain was almost arrogantly saying, “I got this one, but if I am going to ask someone else to do it then I have to”. It was both humbling, and liberating to eat those thoughts.

I was reminded that we often look at personal responsibility as something we have to grin and bear. In truth, when you take responsibility it gives you a greater sense of control. You can’t control what other people do. What you can control is what you do, which can also lead to greater level of satisfaction in your life. So tonight I learned a lesson, and got validation that the course material I am putting together is effective. At least this section.


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