Remote Life Coach

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Welcome to brentpinkston.com home of your remote life coach, where I am helping people all over the globe to improve their life one goal at a time. I would love to help you achieve your next big life goal, or overcome other life challenges.

The goal of this remote life coaching practice is to help you see your way clear to achieve your goals in as few sessions as possible. I have spent over twenty-five years in technology and business and, it is results that are rewarded, not longevity. I am not big on giving advice, because I have also seen how much more people are capable of than they believe.

Click here for a free thirty minute remote Life Coaching session.

contact me here or click above If you are looking for a life coach to:

  • Help you get clarity on your goals
  • Provide accountability
  • Provide encouragement
  • Help you to see your way clear to overcome obstacles
  • Provide a judgement free environment to assist you in creating life solutions
  • Provide tools that will serve you long after our coaching relationship
  • Provide insight to help you to avoid distractions that can railroad your success
  • Provide insight to help you focus on what’s important

Data Engineer

I have been working in technology and business for over twenty-five years.  Much of that time was spent extracting, transforming, loading, querying, reporting, and architecting data stores.  During that time I have contributed at all levels of business mergers and acquisitions.  The thing that has kept me interested all these years is helping colleagues improve the effectiveness of their departments, and I have always had a passion for business process improvement.