Welcome Home

I am a Business Intelligence Professional with a passion for SQL Server and Business Process.  I have an ADHD powered brain and love to help others with ADHD to excel in spite of and in some ways because of their ADHD.

What I am Working On Now

Data Warehouse Design and Development

Designing and Developing a Data Warehouse with a great team of individuals and fantastic leadership.  Creating a single source of the truth to enable leadership to make good business decisions.

Improving Communication and Leadership Skills

I joined Tampa Toastmasters 1810.  “The Oldest and Most Prestigious Toastmasters Club in the Tampa Bay Area”.   Toastmasters has been a tremendous educational Investment.  If you need to improve communications and leadership skills I recommend Toastmasters.  “Where Leaders are Made”.  Toastmasters is by far the best educational investment I have ever made.  Just like everything else, you get what you put in, but no matter what your job or business it always helps to speak with clarity and be on point.  It helps to be able to think on your feet and clearly communicate.

Helping Others With ADHD

I published bapcinco.com a couple years ago and haven’t done much with it, and am working to gather a collection of links to the best on line resources for ADHD.  If you have ADHD and are looking for a new chapter in life I would love to hear from you.  You can email me at bpinkston@brentpinkston.com.  I typically answer emails later in the evening eastern time.

What I Am Reading

Code Red – How to Protect Your Savings From The Upcoming Crisis.  –  When I first started reading this book, I thought it might be a right wing conspiracy book, but I learned a lot  about the FED, Quantitative Easting, and simple investing tips.  Definitely worth the read.  I am nearly through the book and still reading.

Tools for Titans – I really like Tim Ferris.  This book is a collection of tools used by many guests of the Tim Ferris Show podcast.