Business and Technology Consulting

Small and mid-sized businesses have a tremendous opportunity for growth,  at costs much lower than at any other time in history.   It wasn’t long ago, that a business of any size needed a lot of internal infrastructure to meet their information technology needs.  Today there are an almost endless number software as a service (SaaS) solutions that help businesses spend more time on revenue generating activity.  Everything from online office suites to file storage, and the software to run your business.  Let me help you pick the right systems and services for you.

Whether you need to maintain or add to your on-site infrastructure, or transition into the cloud, I can help.  You will spend more time focusing on your revenue generating activity, and less time managing your internal infrastructure.

Here are some things I can help with.

  • Move your Infrastructure to the Cloud
  • Help you get Survey’s Out to Your Customers on Demand
  • Online  and On-Site Office Suites and Collaboration
  • Full Stack Microsoft SQL Server Professional
    • Administration
    • T-SQL
    • Integrations Services
    • Database Design
    • Data Warehouse Design and Implementation
  • Data Integration
  • Server Administration
  • Software Implementation
    • ERP
    • CRM
    • Accounting
    • Purchasing
    • Shop Floor
    • Inventory
  • Purchasing Procedure Implementation
  • Audio Visual