Welcome Home

I am a Business Intelligence Professional with a passion for SQL Server and Business Process.  I live in Palm Harbor Florida near Tampa.

What I am Working On Now

Pay it Forward

I have started working on a part time personal project I call “Pay It Forward”.   I have been very blessed, and want to pay it forward.  I have learned some very valuable lessons over the years, and am quite sure that if I can build a good life for myself using these lessons, then anyone can.  I am looking for opportunities to share what I have learned with those who need it.

Data Warehouse Design and Development

Designing and Developing a Data Warehouse with a great team of individuals and fantastic leadership.  Creating a single source of the truth to enable leadership to make good business decisions.

Improving Communication and Leadership Skills

I joined Tampa Toastmasters 1810.  “The Oldest and Most Prestigious Toastmasters Club in the Tampa Bay Area”.   Toastmasters has been a tremendous educational Investment.  If you need to improve communications and leadership skills I recommend Toastmasters.  “Where Leaders are Made”.  Toastmasters is by far the best educational investment I have ever made.  Just like everything else, you get what you put in, but no matter what your job or business it always helps to speak with clarity and be on point.  It helps to be able to think on your feet and clearly communicate.

What I Am Reading

Faster Than Normal By Peter Shankman is a book about the faster than normal ADHD brain.  Peter has ADHD and has developed fantastic tools to help faster than normal brains to thrive.