Brent Pinkston

Remote Life Coach

I am a certified Life Coach and a student of the helping professions.  I believe that everyone has it in them to achieve their goals and grow.  I used to have an opinion about nearly everything.  Through my learning  in human psychology, I have been humbled at just how much we all have to learn about ourselves.  I began my educational journey, as a way of preparing to volunteer my services in retirement.   I have since realized that the opportunity to add value to others as a Life Coach is now.   Click here for a free thirty minute remote Life Coaching session.

Business Intelligence Specialist

I have been working in technology and business for over twenty-five years.  Much of that time was spent extracting, transforming, loading, querying, reporting, and architecting data.  During that time I have contributed at all levels of business mergers and acquisitions.  The thing that has kept me interested all these years is helping colleagues improve the effectiveness of their departments, and I have always had a passion for business process improvement. 

Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

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