It’s Not Me. It’s You!

There are a lot of awesome life coaches out there. They can help you achieve awesome results. This industry has produced life coaches who have very high success rates with their clients, and there are plenty of them. There are also some life coaches who’s practice depends on long term coaching engagements. They constantly give their clients advice, instead of helping their clients get clarity on and take responsibility for their goals. Some of them are blinded into thinking of their clients as monthly income, therefore hurting their clients by trying to make themselves too valuable to leave.

When you enter into a life coaching relationship, be on the lookout for a life coach who constantly gives you specific advice. They may tell you exactly how to approach things. A good life coach will often share their experiences with you, but are very intentional about ensuring that you can build future successes well after the coaching relationship has ended. I know it sounds cliche, but everyone has the potential to do so much more than they believe they can. The majority of my job as a life coach is listening, providing accountability, and much of the rest of it is asking appropriate context specific questions. Asking these questions allows you to think through and clarify a solution that will best fit your situation. A first hand view of the situation and a well thought out solution is the best way forward. The job of a life coach is to help you get clarity on and think through the possibilities of your situation.

At the end of a life coaching engagement, you should feel much more prepared to tackle future goals independent from your coach. A good life coach will provide you re-usable tools in the form of worksheets and exercises to help you move forward on your own. You may choose to enlist the help of your life coach for a future larger goal, but if you ever feel dependent on your life coach on a long term basis, that is a sign something needs to change.

You should expect your life coach’s help to make you feel more confident in your ability to take on your goals. In the end It’s you who has to take responsibility for their achievement, and it is you who get’s the credit for their accomplishment.

It’s not me. It’s you.


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