More Perspective on Your Task List

Do you manage your calendar and tasks, or do they manage you?

Following your to do list to the letter, without considering your life’s priorities can create less than desirable results. Here is an obvious example you have likely heard before.

Imagine a parent is busy working in their home office. Their child enters the room. This is the kind of child who knows that they better have a good reason for entering mom or dad’s workspace. The parent is really focused and quickly motions the child out of the room. Turns out the child had a serious need and the parent completely missed it.

You may be thinking you don’t need to finish this post, because you know the moral of the story, but I think you may find something more useful here than you think.

What is the parent in this story focused on when the child enters the room? It is possible that it is only the task at hand, but I am willing to bet that in most cases the parent is not only battling the task, but also battling the future consequences or benefits of completing the task at the same time.

As you go through your week try to notice what you are focused on when you are performing an important task, whether at work or home. In most cases you will find part of your mind is in the future or the past, and the rest of it focused on the task.

I recently published this post on having our goal achievement backwards. The main idea is to focus in the present moment and on the task at hand instead of bogging ourselves down with thoughts of the past or future. Do the task as if it has something it is trying to tell you. Approach it with curiosity.

This post adds another dimension to this. This is where your values meet your daily actions. If you believe that you are a person that is driven by your values, it is important that that your actions reflect your values. Not because of your expectations or the expectations of others, but because your unconscious mind certainly picks up on it.

When your actions aren’t aligned with your values, it causes unconscious insecurity.

In summary your calendar and your tasks are only meant to help remind you what you have committed to, but your values should drive your choices. Do every task like it is trying to tell you something important. This will ensure that when your VIP appears, that you will treat them like they have something important to tell you.


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