I have been thinking quite a lot about the state of corporate America. I want to be clear that there is much good in our capitalistic system, and without it the quality of life would be much worse today. The point of this post is not to demonize corporate America, but instead to get consumers to think through the reality of the world we live in. The subject of this post has been rolling around in my mind for quite some time, but this post in particular was brought about after watching Dr. Mark Hyman in an interview with Mikhaila Peterson below. In the interview Dr. Hyman talks about patients he has seen that have been completely transformed from serious medical Illness with just a change in diet. If you are skeptical, I would be too except I happen to know several people who have experienced a medical turn around in their physical health by just changing diet. Dr Hyman is often demonized and he talks briefly about it in the below interview. Even if you are skeptical, let’s just say for the sake of the conversation that Dr. Hyman claims are true, and that we could cut medical spending drastically by treating people with proper diet. Where would that leave the large pharmaceutical, and medical companies? Would their board members just roll over and say “well I guess we will have to collapse our entire business, because it appears the problem we have been addressing won’t need to be addressed to the extent that would allow us to survive”. I think not, because if they couldn’t replace their revenue to keep their financial health up, they would likely try to discredit those touting the benefits of treating more patients with diet rather than medication. I also happen to know some people who were deficient in one or two vitamins or minerals, and just by getting proper supplementation were able to safely, and under the care of a doctor stop taking three or four prescriptions. How will anyone ever get the money to study this to the level that big pharma does? I work in a very good software company, and we are owned by a private equity firm. Even in a great company like the one I work for you aren’t going to get a private equity investor to give up without a fight regardless of what the truth is, if they can’t save their company by coming up with an alternate product to help their business survive.

How are we to be sure that we are getting the best treatment, that we can get from our current medical establishment? I only used the medical establishment as an example. This also applies in many other areas outside of health. You could just as easily take the latest research on the negative impact of social media is having. Are Google and Facebook going to suddenly stop training us to buy things with their algorithms? No absolutely not, because their C Suite and board of directors would not have it, and you can be sure that anyone who comes up with a competitive product that doesn’t do this would not be supported by advertisers.

It is time for America, and people all over the world to start rethinking their relationship with money and convenience. I would really like to see this conversation explode at the consumer level. This won’t be easy, because for many people who are covered by their employers medical insurance, the prescriptions that are harming us long term are cheaper than buying the right foods and supplements on a monthly basis. It is also much more convenient for us to use Google when we want to find something, or Facebook when we want to chat with a friend, because there are no second good alternatives.