Poison in “The Secret”

Should you become a millionaire and want to help the guy who shared this with you, we can talk about ways to contribute.  Until then please take and use what I have given you here today, to bring true riches into your life.

They tell you to simply envision what you want, and you will attract it. The universe will manifest it into your life.  The law of attraction is the foundation of “The Secret”.  There are a lot of businesses who promote the law of attraction, and in exchange for money will provide you content.  In this post I will give you the truth for free, which I believe contains infinitely greater value than all the law of attraction programs and books.  What I am sharing here is not a hoax, it is the real thing and it works.  People have been getting results since ancient times.  

The poison pill in the law of attraction doesn’t come from the content itself, it comes from the intention of the consumer of the content.  Someone is seeking more in life, now they believe they have found Aladdin’s lamp in the law of attraction. The materially lustful wishes start flowing freely.  Pictures of expensive cars, homes, and exotic vacations flood their minds, and on their vision boards hanging about.  This puts their desires in a much higher state of focus than their belief they will receive it.  You see, true faith quells desire, because “it is the evidence for things not seen”.   Over a period of time they fail to receive the desires.  With this often comes discouragement, depression, and very often self blame. They are unable to manipulate the universe into magically manifesting their every desire.  They must not be good enough, they think.

When I first stumbled on to what I believe is the real secret, I was afraid it was the way to material poverty. The truth I found defies everything I ever believed about abundance. 

The reason I was afraid it would lead to material poverty, had to do with something I heard Tony Robbins say, “if all you do is sit around and bliss out in meditation, they will eventually come and take your furniture.” The way I stumbled on to what I believe to be the real secret, was through a meditation practice. Meditation is quieting your mind enough to realize it. Here it is. “You are not your thoughts, your past or how you feel. You are the one who notices those thoughts and feelings.” Most of your thoughts and insecurities come from your past experiences and what you we taught along the way.

Once you realize this the world opens up. You learn to be grateful or at least content with whatever you already have. You will also realize that whether your minds tells you that “you are not good enough”, or it tells you that “you are to good for this”, it is just a thought that you observed. It no longer holds the power to stop you from acting. This quells your desires and puts you in a position to execute on your dreams. When I write these posts I still have insecure thoughts come up. Like who are you to write this, or what will the people who knew you when think? It doesn’t take me long to realize, that these ideas turned me from ADHD, insecurity, and depression to someone who is as happy as I have ever been. It has made me more effective, and I am more financially fit than I have ever been. I have the freedom to act beyond my thoughts. Einstein said that “we can’t solve our problems at the same level of thinking that created them”.

The turning point of your life will come, when you are mindful enough to realize and understand that “You are not your thoughts, your past, or how you feel”. Take some time and consider what I have written here. There are volumes published on the truth of this idea from ancient times through current studies being done on monks, mindfulness, and meditation. If you want learn more contact me here.


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