Learning How To Pay Attention

The misnomer in ADHD is “Attention Deficit”. It is not a deficit of attention, it is a deficit in in being able to put your attention where you want it. It is a matter of executive function, which is to say a deficit in the part of the brain that acts to help us maintain control over what we feel we need to get done. Discipline is one of the greatest difficulties for our faster than normal brains. The real question is how do we overcome the executive function deficit? How do we learn to pay attention? There are many studies showing the effects of a Mindfulness Practice on the physical structure of the brain. The area of the brain behind your forehead is the prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the faster than normal brain that is not the same as someone who is neuro-typical. If you want to increase muscle size and stamina then you will need to go to the gym and put in some work, which isn’t always easy. I will say that beginning my Mindfulness practice, and learning to calm the incessant chatter in my mind was a much easier process than getting results at the gym. It was also much more pleasurable. Within a few weeks I started to notice improvement, not only in attention but in mood. The first step of your Mindfulness journey is learning how to live in the present moment. There are a lot of videos on Mindfulness, but I picked this one because the content is really simple and straight forward. Welcome to your mindful journey. Let me know how this goes for you.


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