Have you been trying to make your life more positive and abundant?  

Next Application Period – June 5-10, 2023 (Only 5 Spaces available per ninety days)

Do you have goals and dreams around  anything, whether improving relationships, finances, personal performance, or business?  It doesn’t matter what your goals are.  If you are serious about achieving a better life, you are invited to to work with me and up to five other community members to support you in getting there.

I am not charging any money for this Journey group. I am limiting the number of regular participants to five per ninety days.  You don’t have to pay anything for this group.  If you want to express the value of what you are getting in terms of payment we do accept payment..  You are not at all obligated to pay anything.  This will be a mutually beneficial journey for all of us.  I provide a framework of ideas you can use and build on. The group activities will take a minimum amount of time out of your busy schedule, but getting the most our of this journey will require a significant investment in yourself.  The Journey group will consist of the following:

  • Weekly 1-3 Hour Google Meet Group Session
  • Fifteen minute individual Google Meet Session
  • Weekly Course Materials and Outlines
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly blog posts and discussion groups.  

Disclaimer: If you have or even think you may have depression, or any other serious emotional struggles, please seek counseling from a licensed mental health practitioner. This course was designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams and is not a substitute for the services of a licensed mental health practitioner.

Here is a little background on me, and how I came to offer this program.  

When I was a young child I had a traumatic event in my life, and I spent most of my life battling insecurity and depression.  My whole reason for achieving anything in life was mostly an attempt to get people to think more of me, or to avoid negative attention.  From the age of thirty-five or so my life looked pretty good from the outside.  I was married with children, and doing well financially, but on the inside I was still a mess.  About five years ago I began studying psychology, counseling, and dug deeper into philosophy which is something I have always been interested in.  I discovered a handful of ideas that have helped me to dramatically improve my life. I am happier and it is much easier to achieve my goals. Today I live in Tampa Florida and work as a Sr. Data Engineer for a cyber-security company.  Because of this I realize that people are busy, but taking time for yourself each week is important. If you are serious about a positive life transformation, I look forward to meeting you.

  Drop me a note here if you are interested in investing in yourself.

Contribute to the Journey Community

Journey Community Contribution

This is the place to make a one time contribution to the Journey Community, but there is no obligation to pay at all. The contribution can be any amount. for each dollar you want to contribute, increase the quantity by 1.