Free New Year’s Life Coaching Session

The first week of the New Year is the time when most people set their goals and resolutions. I am giving away a free one hour life coaching session for for the first 3 respondents in the New Year. Despite the obvious challenges, 2022 was a great year for me and this is my way of paying it forward. As many of you already know, I haven’t had room in my schedule to take on any new clients for most of 2022, and it looks like that is going to continue into 2023. In these Life Coaching sessions I want to provide some tools and ideas that will provide ongoing value. Here is what you can expect out of your life coaching session.

  • A no judgement zone to work on clarifying, organizing, and thinking through your goals for 2023
  • Effective foundational tools and ideas that will serve you for a lifetime
  • 30 days access to free email communications
  • 100% confidential

Enter Here and tell me a little bit about the nature of what you want to accomplish in 2023
“Invest in yourself”


Why the change at

Some look to retirement as a time to reap the fruits of their labor, but I see it as an opportunity to pay forward the blessed life I have and continue to live. I have worked in various capacities in business and technology over the last twenty some years. I am still a full time Business Intelligence Specialist, and the one thing that remains constant is my desire to provide value to those I serve in whatever capacity. In that spirit I have been preparing myself for a retirement career in the helping professions. I am a certified life coach and over the next ten years or so will be transitioning fully into my retirement career. In the mean time I hope to share some of the things I have learned along the way. My hope is that you get as much value as I have from what I share here.