Life Coaching

My roles in life are a Christ follower, husband, dad, Business Intelligence Specialist, Life Coach, Student of Psychology, Philosophy, and Christian Apologetics. I have been tremendously blessed and want to pay those blessings forward. I provide Life Coaching services, but more importantly I provide content to help others help themselves. If you are considering life coaching as an option to help you achieve your next goal in life, or just want improve progress with your current goals, start by checking out my blog posts. The purpose of my weekly posts is to help you get a head start. During my first college course in counseling, as well as the first few sections of my life coaching certification journey, I was encouraged to evaluate my own life. In both cases the instructors made us aware that if we were going to help others makes changes in their lives, then we should start with making changes to the person in the mirror. That first year of studies was a bit of a gut punch, but allowed me to make changes in my own life. Some life coaches get their course work as quickly as possible so they can get their shingle out there, and never take the one step necessary to help others. The problem with this is “when the blind lead the blind they will both fall in a pit.” (Matt 15:14 NIV) The blog posts here will provide you with some of the foundational concepts and ideas that I and other life coaches and counselors experience as we prepare ourselves to be helping professionals.

My Beliefs and Your First Free Session

Just in case their weren’t enough clues in the above intro, and you are considering me for a life coach, you should be aware that I am a Christian life coach. That doesn’t mean that you have to believe what I believe in order to get the benefit from our sessions. It also and more importantly doesn’t mean that you will be judged by any set of standards. If we are judging our clients, it becomes nearly impossible to help them. I welcome all clients to a free thirty minute session to make sure that I am the right life coach for you. Email me at

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