God Is Not Dead

Fellow Toastmasters and others who find this page, the topic of my speech number seven from the Competent Communicators Manual delivered at the Regular Tampa Toastmasters 1810 meeting was “God Is Not Dead”.  Like many before me who grew up in a Judaeo-Christian home, at some point during my teenage years I began to question the beliefs that were being passed down to me.  For me this was a two step process.  Number 1 is there a God at all?  Number 2, if there is then who is it?   The purpose of this speech was question 1.  Maybe I will deal with question 2 in a later speech.  The nice thing about the quest in the modern world, is that you can find almost anything on Youtube and Amazon.  My quest for knowledge at the time involved lots of time in the library and a lot of money spent on books.  You will find a starting point here, and you will have no problem finding opposition to Christianity on the Internet.
 The Case For Christ – By Lee Strobel
A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of The Evidence For Jesus
Amazon’s Ravi Zacharais Page – A Number of Books From Dr. Ravi Zacharais
Impossible PeopleBy Os Guiness
The Privileged Planet
Dr. Ravi Zacharais – Answering the Biggest Objections of Christianity
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis.
Why Do Scientist Believe In Intelligent Design
Absolute Proof For Intelligent Design – This is a long video and the intro is a little weird but the content is good.
Intelligent Design – Stephen Meyer
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