A Bias For Action

I write this first post in the “Useful Articles For Your Personal and Business Life” standing on the shoulders of giants.  There isn’t much new information under the sun, and all of the proceeding advice is obviously not original and has been written in many books and articles by successful people.

Do you ever find yourself looking for that latest book, video, or program to provide you the secret to success, or the plan that leads to riches?  This is quite common.  Never have we had so much quality advice, and information to succeed in business as we do today.  There are some legitimate business people giving away great advice on the Internet for free.  (I might also mention the mass amount of non-sense.)  Even with all of this great information the majority of us are still not wealthy.  Why is that?  We may have loss site of a timeless truth.  In almost all cases big success requires massive action.  You have to work and work really hard.  There is just no substitute.

Another reality that most don’t consider is that the majority of those who succeed, failed several times before succeeding, and were successful in a business very different from the one they first started.  Business is a learning experience like everything else in life.  The typical story is that someone tried to succeed in one business, and it either failed or was slow, and in the process of failing in that business they discovered something different, but in both cases they worked hard and sacrificed.

Armed with this truth and the willingness to work hard, there is still something else you should consider.  If it is just the money you are after it probably won’t lead anywhere good.  Most people who start a business for just the money don’t succeed.   If they do succeed they eventually reach a place where they find that even with all that success and money they are still not fulfilled.  Although I have never been rich, I did come to that empty place in life and went a different direction.

If you want to do something great in life, and achieve great success, just pick something and do it.  While working hard, even if you fail you may find that one thing that will get you where you want to go.


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